About us

DiveWise TEC is the only independent accredited commercial underwater welding school in the world, established in the Antwerp port environment, one of the world’s biggest harbours.

With a career of over 30 years in professional diving and offshore work, DiveWise was set up as small business unit providing professional equipment for the diving industry. Because of the lack of qualified and experienced divers in the industry, the idea arose in 2009 to set up a underwater welding school. That should provide the right infrastructure and knowledge, to make sure that students would get the appropriate training as required by the industry.

DiveWise TEC is the only accredited independent European school to offer complete and most comprehensive training in professional underwater welding skills.

  • Our Affliations include

    Speciality Enterprises
    International Marine Contracts Association (IMCA)
    Emta awards ltd eal uk (EAL)
    Nederlands Instituut voor Lastechniek (NIL)
    United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS)
    American Welding society (AWS)
    Institute of Marine Engineering Science&Technology (IMAREST)
    SubSea UK
    Association of Welding and Fabrication, Training and Education (AWFTE)
    Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
    Society for Underwater Technology (SUT)

Meet the Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your business grow

Bart Cassiers

Bart Cassiers

Founder of DiveWise training and education centre

Founding of the Divewise training and education centre, based on a career of three decades in the professional diving industry.

Stanley Rhebok

Stanley Rhebok

Senior instructor at DiveWise training and education centre

Has been a professional diver since 1998. His work consists as well inshore and offshore, focusing on the inshore industries this last years. He mainly worked for Noordhoek, DCN and Smit subsea. Some of the projects Stanley was involved in, include the construction of the Betuwelijn and HSL-traject in Holland, construction work in Honk Kong, Dubai, Tjianjin and working in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

Mark Geboes

Mark Geboes

Team member of DiveWise training and ecducation centre

Not a professional diver as such, but a volunteer with a ‘blue addiction’. Mark has spent his lefitime on the water in sailing and has taken up diving a few seasons ago. As long as he is near water he seems to be happy. Apart from that he has been in the education industry since ten years, recently got a master degree in training and educational sciences. Mark will help us out by taking care of most of the administration and PR for the school. So chances are likely you will first of all get in touch with him.