DUSB – DiveWise Underwater Safety Blaster!

General DUSB Design features

  • Natural Implosion effect of micro bubbles principle is used for UW cleaning . No dangerous HP jet  stream but relative harmless  cavitating bubble shower  for UW cleaning
  • Due to the DUSB tool generated flow of water and micro bubbles , no direct dangerous high velocity water stream is  present for the diver.
  • This exit flow of micro cavitation bubbles in combination with the nozzle slide guide makes the tool easy to handle  very safe compared to the conventional dangerous HP Jetting.
  • General Lance & Tool HP parts ;  as by ‘’S.I.R’’   safety design  requirements
  • Double hand  trigger actuation
  • Automatic pressure  discharge /unloading ;  on HP hose  and  DUSB tool
  • Retro-Guard pipe ; sturdy non slipping design and safe retro nozzle distance (see also physical calculations )

Design criteria

  •  DUSB  design working pressure ; up to 500 bar
  •  Design safety factor working pressure –burst ;  v=3 or more (S.I.R. required design safety factor v=2.5 )
  •  Tool is not a standard HP  impact jet-gun, but an implosion bubbles generating cleaning device where applicable tool HP parts meets S.I.R requirements
  • General tool design cfm  CE requirements